What is Social Advertising?
Social advertising is the unique way to reach your audience through Social Media
and present your advertisement to the right person at the right time.

Our model is unique in many ways. The combination of technology and our team creates a stunning model that outperformes any other online channel.

Starting is easy…
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  • #Audience

    We start our journey with finding the right audience through Social Listening with the special software of Roundabout.

  • #Content

    Your content is your weapon. We build a fantastic campaign based on your unique content.

  • #Conversion

    We build a unique “hard-stop” into the campaign funnel. This means every transaction will cost you a maximum amount per deal. What we call the CPA (cost per acquisition).

  • #Optimalisation

    Our unique system starts using your budget for the campaigns. But not just dollar by dollar. The system automatically optimizes your budget to the best performing combination based on the CPA (hard-stop).


Through our unique social listening tool we are able to discover target audiences specific for your brand , product or service. These new audiences are harvested from social media and turned into the right lookalike or real-audience in our social media advertising. In some cases we target the Lookalike audience, or in other cases find the matching audience in for example Facebook where we created them from listening into Twitter hashtags.


Our team connects with your brand manager or agency to build a content campaign that is going to be used in the advertisement. In order to succeed we aim to split this content into several different sets which we show to the target audiences we build in from the Social Listening…


After warming up the audience with awareness and engagement campaigns we start to convert your best performing audience into buyers or subscribers. We set a hard CPA ( Cost per acquisition) to make sure we don’t spin out with your budget and start to convert the audience. This all takes place in a semi-automated way where budgets are being driven to the best performing combination of audience and content. These dynamic budget shifts take place every 6 hours.


In order to create a converting social advertising campaign that is successful our system optimizes continuously. Every moment that your campaign runs it is being optimized through a unique technology. Against the set CPA the target audiences are being tested, these keep on coming from social discovery. Our automated system for budget location is constantly shifting the budget to give the most to the best performing ad-set combination.

Case Destiny 2

For one of our clients we used the unique social advertising model to discover audiences and convert visitors into “pre order” game buyers. The social advertising campaign was set to gamers all around the Netherlands on any device and any demographic.



#Business model

We care about things being easy and simple
that is the same in the way we work for you
our model is based on success. If you are successful, so are we.

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