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What is Roundabout Social?
Roundabout is a unique social service completely
focussed on being successful on
Social media Advertising.

Few of our clients


Social Advertising

Social Advertising is a fantastic and thrilling way to reach your new audience and introduce them to your products or service.This huge potential is proven to be hard
and difficult to manage in a way that it serves the goal of conversion.

We experienced this issue ourselves and decided to fix it. Roundabout created a unique social advertising model where expectations are turned into conversions.

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Audience discovery

Through a unique social listening tool Roundabout is able to discover new audiences from social media.

By listening to hashtags on social media channels we are able to turn these harvested posts into new target audiences based on keywords, geography and demography. These new audiences can be used in social advertising campaigns.

Social Wall

Create a stunning social wall for your website or large display from all the social media you choose. Whether it’s your own social media content and hashtags or not, all is possible in showing it to your audience. With an easy to use dashboard you are able to set it up in just a split second… try for yourself!

  • Social advertising market will hit 40B in 2017.
  • Every day, Americans spend about $1.2 billion online.
  • Over 60 million companies with facebook page.
  • Worldwide over 3,5B people on Social Media.
  • Conversion rates on average 20-70% more effective
    compared to Google Adwords or E-mail.

Case Destiny 2

For one of our clients we used the unique social advertising model to discover audiences and convert visitors into “pre order” game buyers. The social advertising campaign was set to gamers all around the Netherlands on any device and any demographic.